SPS has many years of experience in moving and re-establishing laboratories

Moving and re-establishing laboratories is often a complex task:
  • Moving common office
  • Moving advanced instruments the safe way
  • Moving test arrays etc. where the process can not be interrupted
  • Moving samples and other materials

Moving of sensitive laboratory instruments may require clarification with the supplier etc. about critical conditions such as vibration, horizontal moving, static electricity and other conditions and may affect the choice of transport, lifting and packaging.

Atmosphere and temperature

Biological cultures stored in the laboratory may require maintenance of a certain composition of atmosphere, a given temperature or humidity level.


For laboratories working with hazardous chemical materials or biological cultures there may be a need for decontamination of equipment or installations and/or this is especially ensured through handling or packaging.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Perhaps your lab is covered by clean rooms regulations, like for GMOs or other conditions related to cleanliness and hygiene, particles, etc. or approvals that may be compromised in connection with relocation. This places special demands on the moving staff.

The process

Together with your project management we address the critical points of the move, define procedures for the individual points, safety for SPS staff and a plan for the process as such. Our skilled, experienced and diligent staff and project managers will ensure that procedures and plans are met.

Our insurance gives you peace of mind

SPS always has its liability insurance in order before a task is commenced. For specific high end tasks, specific ad hoc insurance is drawn up, where coverage is determined in cooperation with the customer.