SPS has many years of experience in moving and handling biological and chemical materials

Moving chemical/biological materials can be a complex process. For example, consideration should be given to:
  • Maintaining a specified atmosphere, temperature and moisture level?
  • Safety requirements for contamination by spill to ambient atmosphere etc.
  • Possible regulatory requirements for moving and transporting
  • Selection of protective packaging types to ensure against penetration or permeation
  • Hygiene and safety requirements for moving staff, e.g. personal protective equipment/clothing
  • You may have approvals such as FDA which may be compromised by the moving process

We listen to you and your expertise

You are the expert on above and other relevant fields regarding the materials and together we prepare the procedures for the move.

Our insurance gives you peace of mind

SPS always has its liability insurance in order before a task is commenced. For specific tasks, specific ad hoc insurances are drawn up, where coverage is determined in cooperation with the customer.