SPS specializes in moving technical equipment

Relocation and re-establishment of technical equipment often requires in-depth understanding of what may affect the forward performance of the instrument or put moving personnel at risk.

  • Vibrations or mechanical shock during moving and transport
  • Steady horizontal/vertical balance during moving and transport
  • Suitable protective packaging types – e.g. to avoid static electricity
  • Maintenance of pressure, gases or temperature in the equipment during transport
  • Possible decontamination before moving may begin

Together we prepare a work plan

Before starting the moving process the SPS and the customer’s project management team work out various plans for the reallocation task and perhaps in collaboration with equipment supplier the best way to move a certain instrument, what may affect its ability to function correctly etc. Based on this various work instructions for the assignment is prepared.

We choose the proper relocation solution

On this basis SPS selects the appropriate equipment to dismantle and move the equipment. For example, Special lifting equipment, special air-lorry trucks – or perhaps the instrument should be moved under continuous power supply etc.

Our insurance gives you peace of mind

SPS always has its liability insurance in order before a task is commenced. For specific high end tasks, specific ad hoc insurance is drawn up, where coverage is determined in cooperation with the customer.